When to Publish Your Novel; or, The Grey Heir Release Date Announcement!

“A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” – Paul Valery

The same could be said for novels, which makes releasing one very tricky. It seems like I could always take my books through one more revision – just one more looking over to REALLY make sure I’ve fixed all the grammar mistakes, the prose is as clean as it can be, and the story shines – and maybe it’s true. Maybe looking over it again would make it a little better and, if that’s the case, don’t I owe it to my readers to make my book as good as I possibly can?

Yes, but this type of thinking is a never ending, circular trap of perpetual doom. (If that seems a little excessive, it is, but you get the point). Novels are never finished, only abandoned.

Yet, the trap of perpetual doom is also useful, because it prevents you from releasing your book too soon. This creates a paradox: The trap has a good point, but it’s still a trap. So what should you (or I) do, as an author?

Draw a line in the sand

Just like during the editing process when writers are told to kill their babies, we must learn to abandon our children after we’ve adequately prepared them for the world.

Sure, maybe it would be smarter to keep them with us for a few more years to let them save some money and pay off their credit cards, but then we’d run the risk of never being able to part with them. “Oh, just one more revision. I’ll let him go when he’s 25…or 30…or 40” and still living in our basement…

(This child metaphor is hitting a little too close to home, so I’m going to stop now.)

The point is: we can never perfectly prepare our novel for the world, so all we can do is try to feel out when we’ve adequately prepared it, stop procrastinating, and set a deadline.

Preferably this deadline should be public. I’ve definitely intended to release my book several times in the last few months, but those toothless deadlines were completely ineffectual because they weren’t public.

Walking the Walk

So, this is me, taking my own advice: my first novel, The Grey Heir, will be released on all major eBook formats by June 1st.


However, that means that I get to do some exciting things on this blog that I’ve been holding back. For example, over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing character profiles, snippets, lore and other exciting information about the world of Weardal!

Hold on to your hats folks! It’s time to kick things up a notch!

Let me know what kind of things you most want to know about The Grey Heir in the comments below!

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  1. Thirteen says:

    I have to admit I’m really, insanely excited about this book of yours coming out. Don’t worry – you’ll run into plenty of people telling you how you could have done it better; that’s part of the process though, I think. No one will ever be 100% completely happy with the finished book, because it’s been drilled into our heads as students of literature that we need to be insanely critical, and if you aren’t named Shakespeare or Faulkner or Wordsworth…then it’s our license, our privilege, nay our duty to rip you to shreds.
    It’s all in love, though.

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