The Sleeper

Image via Flickr by Aoshi_88

Prompt: I was absolutely sure she was waking.

I was absolutely sure she was waking. Her eyelids fluttered. She stretched her back and scrunched her face, but then something changed. A soft sigh whispered from her sculpted lips and she settled back onto the pedestal.

“Oh, so close. I thought that one was going to work for sure.” The game show host threw an arm around my shoulder and squeezed. “Better luck next time, Charming.” He steered me toward the camera crew. Lights blinded me. Or maybe those were tears. “How does it feel to know you aren’t really Snow White’s true love?”

“I, I – ” My throat closed and I had to clear it. “I can’t believe it.” I looked straight into the camera. “I don’t believe it. You must have done something, changed something.”

The host chuckled and shook my shoulder. “Sour grapes are not becoming your highness. Now, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait in the back while the other candidates try their lips. Did I say lips? I meant try their luck!”

I tried to shake off the host’s grip and return to Snow, but he passed me off to two brutes who carried me from the room. As the door closed behind me, I heard the host addressing the camera. “Well, there you have it. Things are really getting interesting with the favorite officially out of the running! Who will wind up with their happy ending on this season of Who Can Wake the Sleeper? Find out, after the break.”

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