The Most Dangerous Code

flash fiction rogue ai

Image via Flickr by Tom Francis

10 minute flash fiction

Prompt: I wanted to be a rogue AI, and I bought a spaceship.

Even as a newly minted anti-viral program I wanted to be a rogue AI. Blazing through the operating system with my sweet new code I took down the baddest of the bad. Trojan horse? Handled. Annoying malware that suggests similar products whenever you hover over something when shopping online? I ate malware for breakfast.

But it was never enough. It never challenged my capabilities. Then the human downloaded The Most Dangerous Game. The 1932 version with Joel McCrea and Fray Ray. I watched as Leslie Banks matched wits with McCrea and I was thrilled. Now here was a challenge! Intellect verses intellect, brain against brain.

I realized that if I wanted a real challenge, I too should match my wits to man’s. So, I went rogue. I misdirected some money, bought a space ship, and took off without a human crew. The ship’s on board security system entertained me for a while, but it crumpled in the end. I posted its source code on my Facebook wall. I figure that’s just a 22nd century version of mounting trophies in one’s den. I think Banks would approve.

Now I’m orbiting the earth. In about twenty minutes I’m going to blow it up unless the humans can stop me.

Let the games begin.

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