The Grey Heir

Rayne’s world was Market District. He knew the bustling streets and the back alleys. He knew all the shop keepers by name and his best friend ran the street thieves. His finger was on the pulse of the city and he knew he’d never leave…

That is, until the palm of his right hand turned invisible, leaving his fingers floating in the air! Afraid that he has been cursed, Rayne turns to The Order of Trel for answers. They say that Rayne has a great destiny, but to fulfill that destiny (and get rid of the curse) he must leave his beloved city and travel across the entire realm of Waerdal…tomorrow.

Now Rayne must journey into the unknown. He must face magicians, assassins, and the truth about a world he thought he knew. Ultimately, he must answer the question: is it better to fight for those who offer freedom, or those who offer safety and peace?

The Grey Heir – Kindle Edition
The Grey Heir – Trade Paperback



Rayne Lillian Oresk
Adaira Daren Zephyr