The April Report

For my curious friends, family, and readers, here’s a quick rundown on what’s happened this month in my writing world:

1. I wrote 10,000 words in my novella, A Study in Cutlets. While ideally I’d like to be writing a little more than that, averaged out over the course of a year that’s about 120,000 words, which translates to two short novels or one really long novel (in other words, not bad at all).

2. I sent The Grey Heir to be professionally edited, received those edits, and incorporated them.

3. I submitted The Grey Heir  to The Readers Favorite Book Contest. At minimum this will get me an in depth review from a credible source, at best I’ll become an award winning author.

4. I think I finally finished The Grey Heir’s print edition cover – for real this time. I hope to order a proof in the next day or so.

5. While I didn’t update this blog twice a week, I did write a couple real stories for it and started actively building my Twitter account again.

Overall it’s been a good month.

See you next time friends!


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  1. Abi aka mom says:

    Sounds like great progress! When/how can I get a final print of the book once it is all done?

    • The Ink Slinger says:

      You’ll be able to get a copy on Amazon. My goal is to have the print version available by June first, which looks like it will be pretty doable.

  2. In your next blog, you mentioned writing twice a week, one being an update, one being an article. I like the idea of not limiting yourself in writing the article, (if you don’t mind my two cents) so maybe you could also include short stories that just come to your head.

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