September 2014, Progress Report

Dear Readers,

Much of the work done in September had little to do with word count. I’ll have to get better about that.

Here’s what I’ve be working on:

1) I was put into contact with an old family friend, who just happens to be a professional cover designer. Since I wasn’t entirely happy with the revised cover of “A Study in Cutlets,” he agreed to redraw it for me. A preliminary drawing should be done by the end of October.

2) I also sent “A Study in Cutlets” to my old elementary school and they seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. This is very promising, as that’s exactly the age group for which I’m writing.

3) I finalized the cover for “The Grey Heir” (I know what you’re thinking, and yes, again), and then I ordered 100 copies to sell at the Yellow Springs Street Fair on October 11.

4) I made several long over-due changes to this blog. I rearranged the categories, added new, more specific (and thus more valuable) introductions, and added meta descriptions (which are important for SEO). It’s still not where I want it to be but it’s getting there.

5) I applied to a column contest, which, although I didn’t win, was so much fun I’m going to just write the column and put it up here. (It’s “The Hovering Fool”). This experience has peaked my interest in other contests. I’ll do some research and possibly apply to a few more free ones.

Well I think that was about it for last month.

Stay tuned friends, the adventure continues…

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