May 2015


  • Finished draft 2 of The Sign of Fur
  • Received first draft of the cover for The Sign of Fur
  • Sent A Study In Cutlets to Kenyon for the Alumni Bulletin
  • Sold about 10 copies of A Study In Cutlets
  • Wrote two Essays


  1. Friday, Nothing.
  2. Saturday, Day Off!
  3. Sunday, Nothing.
  4. Monday, Published April report and created this one, wrote down ideas for blog articles, wrote Raising Cats: an Exercise in Non-Attachment, shared said article on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Tuesday, Read over chapter 4 of The Sign of Fur (Note: seems good, though I may want to double check the descriptions of Tad to make sure they are consistent.), Updated Twitter and spend some time on Goodreads.
  6. Wednesday, Nothing book related, but we did make an offer on a house!
  7. Thursday, Read and edited chapter 5 of The Sign of Fur.
  8. Friday, Sold two books and placed five in a local salon on consignment.
  9. Saturday, Day Off!
  10. Sunday, Received $25 because all five books placed in the salon sold immediately!
  11. Monday, Reached out to two salons about carrying my books as I might have just stumbled upon an excellent marketing technique, edited chapter 6 in The Sign of Fur, updated Facebook and Twitter. Also, received a draft of the cover for The Sign of Fur.
  12. Tuesday, Replied to email from cover designer because it’s amazing! …and nothing else because I was sick!
  13. Wednesday, Wrote 450 words in an alternate version of chapter 7 for The Sign of Fur. The goal is to address consistent feedback that too much of the story takes place in the past by adding some present action and trying to cut down on narration.
  14. Thursday, Nothing.
  15. Friday, Nothing.
  16. Saturday, Day off! Also, went to a fun LARP event
  17. Sunday, Nothing.
  18. Monday, Finished the new version of chapter 7 in The Sign of Fur (something like 900 words).
  19. Tuesday, Nothing.
  20. Wednesday, Started a transition to chapter 8 for the new version of chapter 7 in The Sign of Fur.
  21. Thursday, Finished the transition, then reread chapters 7 and 8 to make sure they are good and actually make sense.
  22. Friday, Nothing.
  23. Saturday, Day off!
  24. Sunday, Worked on an essay that I may or may not actually publish.
  25. Monday, Put four copies of A Study In Cutlets on consignment with a local hair salon.
  26. Tuesday, Read/edited chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 in The Sign of Fur,  Updated Facebook and Twitter, investigated new advertising opportunity (BookBub – and actually applied for a promotion). I also sent a review copy of A Study In Cutlets to the Kenyon Office of Public Affairs so it can be included in the Alumni Bulletin.
  27. Wednesday, Nothing.
  28. Thursday, Added the new version of chapter 7 in The Sign of Fur, and smoothed some edges. Draft 2 is essentially done.
  29. Friday, Away at an all day yoga training.
  30. Saturday, Away at an all day yoga training.
  31. Sunday, Away at an all day yoga training.


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