January 2015


  • Made A Study In Cutlets fit for publication
  • Worked on The Exile and a little on The Sign of Fur
  • Got back in the habit of writing blog articles


1) Nothing.
2) Nothing.
3) Nothing.
4) Spent one hour editing The Sign of Fur
5) Edited sticky post, started progress report, wrote 213 words in The Exile
6) Created intro text for Progress Reports tab, created and published the “Books” tab, sent emails to cover artist and kindle formatter, wrote 714 words in The Exile
7) Took a new author photo for A Study In Cutlets, uploaded the interior file to createspace, sent an email to cover artist asking for very minor proportions fixes, sent file to ebook formatter, moved files from backup drive back onto my computer (having reformatted my hard drive in the recent past), rote 887 words in The Exile
8) Ordered physical proof of A Study In Cutlets, wrote 820 words in The Exile
9) Nothing.
10) Nothing.

11) Waited impatiently for the proof of A Study In Cutlets, wrote a summary paragraph of what will happen in the rest of The Exile because the beginning was bothering me and now I can go back and work on it without (much) guilt
12) Edited the prologue and the first two chapters of The Exile, updated progress bars, changed site author photo, wrote “The Ethics of Adoption”
13) Edited chapters 3-6 in The Exile, did some twittering
14) Received A Study in Cutlets ebook format
15) Paid formatter
16) Received proof of A Study In Cutlets (needs work), took pictures of proof and sent them to cover artist for tweaks
17) Read chapters 1-3 of A Study In Cutlets to Hannah to ensure logical flow (a few words/sentence structure improvements required)
18) Nothing.
19) Sent follow up email to cover artist, received new cover and submitted it to Createspace
20) Cover denied by Createspace because it has spine text and is (slightly) less than 131 pages long – even though this wasn’t a problem before. Frustration
21-31) I filled these out but Word Press didn’t save them when I closed the window. Oops. Essentially, finished A Study In Cutlets


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