I Will Be Represented by Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberly Cameron & Associates!

While attending The Antioch Writer’s Workshop in July, 2015, I gave an eight minute pitch to Elizabeth Kracht.

I wasn’t particularly hopeful. In my afternoon critique group I learned that the project I intended to pitch wasn’t even close to ready.

Still, I thought, I have other projects and pitching an agent will be a valuable experience.

I decided to pitch the first in my Sherlock Bones Mystery series, A Study In Cutlets. Although I’d already self-published this work (something I thought might be a deal breaker), I believed in the book and in the series. If any of my work was worthy of publishing, this was it.

Amazingly, Elizabeth, or Liz, agreed. She took the physical book I’d brought for her and asked me to query officially with a cover letter and series sketch. Of course, I completed these as quickly as I could, sent them in, and waited…

Until Tuesday, when she emailed me to set up a phone call…The Phone Call.

I’m ecstatic to announce that she wants to represent A Study In Cutlets and my other Sherlock Bones Mystery books!

She had some suggestions, of course, so over the next few weeks I’ll give my manuscript another look, but it’s the first step.

I’m on my way!

(Okay, it’s not a perfect analogy but I like the song)

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