How Much Should You Spend Publishing Your eBook?

You should spend as much as you want to spend.

I know that seems like a vague and unhelpful answer, but here’s the thing: there are so many options out there for self-publishing authors that it seems like you could spend almost any amount of money and not be wasting it.

The Big Investment

According to all the blog articles I’ve read on the subject, there are three things that are REALLY worth investing in:

1) Professional Editing: This one’s a no brainer – the better quality of book you have the more it will sell, and the more you will be building a positive brand for yourself.

There’s copy editing, which is the cheapest and fixes only spelling and grammar mistakes. Line editing, which is a little deeper – allowing the editor to replace words and rearrange sentence structure – and, finally, there’s substantive editing. This is the full package where an editor helps with grammar, sentence structure, story integrity and so on.

These services all cost different amounts of money, and all seem worth investing in, if you can.

2) Professional Cover Design: A simple Google search will reveal pages upon pages about the importance of good cover art and that makes perfect sense. Your cover attracts potential readers. It’s what entices them to look more closely and potentially buy your book.

Cover prices range from $50 to $600 and the difference in quality between those two price points is huge.

3) Professional Formatting: Because of some fairly potent DIY tools out there (such as Book Tango and others) this is perhaps the least necessary of the three. That being said, however, knowing that your book will look professional on all the different eBook formats is incredibly important.

My Money Troubles

In an ideal world, I would probably invest in all three of these things. However, this world is not ideal and I really probably can’t afford any of them.

I’ve been told both by a cover designer that I like and by a professional editor that we could discuss price. “Great!” I said and I meant it. I’m happy to talk to them, but I still don’t think it’ll happen. Because here’s the truth: It’s actually laughable how poor I am at this moment.

Maybe publishing my first book will change that, and maybe it won’t.

Right now, however, the amount that I want to spend publishing my eBook: $0.00.

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