Heroine Material

Flash fiction heroine

Image via Flickr by Maria Morri

10 minute flash fiction

Prompt: I will be a rotten lady, with my complicated books.

I will be a rotten lady, with my complicated books and my superlative diction. So thought Elloise Minch, a sixteen year old girl with a very low opinion of ladies and a very high opinion of her self. Still, she was determined. If she’d learned anything from the endless series of romance and adventure novels she’d consumed, it was the that heroine of the story was always a Lady – at least by the end – and Elloise knew herself to be heroine material.

Only an inch shorter than her father, the town blacksmith, Elloise was blessed with a full, womanly figure, blonde curls and blue-green eyes. Sea foam, Elloise thought to herself, my eyes are like sea foam. She was also very insistent on correct poetic language, even in her own internal monologue. Today Elloise’s hair was contained by two braids that ran from her temples to a sky-blue bow at the back of her head. She wore a knee-length dress in a matching blue and trimmed by white lace.

Her father thought she was out picking mulberries and, indeed, she had a basket over one arm, but it was empty. She couldn’t let the berries stain her pale finger tips, at least not yet. She’d caught the eye of Lord Briarwood’s son and he’d agreed to meet her out here.

The sound of hooves made Elloise turn.

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