The Next Phase of Human Evolution

flash fiction

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10 minute flash fiction

Prompt:¬†All the mutant attacks – I’m howling.

“All these mutant attacks – I’m howling mad I tell you. Just howling mad.” Finnegan Lynch grabbed a double handful of his wild blonde mane, paced furiously, and continued to chastise¬†the intercom on his desk. “What’s Arthenon playing at, eh? Doesn’t he realize he can’t win?”

“Of course he doesn’t.” Dr. Levi Stron’s smooth tenor voice was distorted a little by the speaker, but it was still enough to command Finnegan’s attention. He stopped pacing to listen. “For the last eighty years mutants have run the show. They saw themselves as the next step in human evolution. Many agreed with them. It’s hard to go from that kind of manifest destiny to recognizing that technology renders their powers meaningless.”

“They’re still damned annoying. In the last attack, three mutants with water control destroyed every sewer line in Manhattan!”

“And how long would an attack like that have taken to rectify before the Stron Water and Earth Pulse Gloves?”

Finnegan’s face went cold just thinking about it. “It would’ve taken months, maybe years, to put right.”

“And how long did it take your cleaning crews with their Stron Gloves?”

“Three days, but -”

“See? Don’t worry, Finnegan. I’ll handle Arthenon. Everything is under control.”

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