February 2015


  • Published A Study In Cutlets!
  • Sold about 30 copies of the above!
  • Had a great conversation with a writing professor that added focus to my efforts
  • Set aside work on The Exile for a time, which feels incredibly freeing


  1. Sunday, Nothing.
  2. Monday, officially published A Study In Cutlets, Ordered copies of same, published January progress report, created February report (including days of the week to look for trends in productivity, or lack thereof), edited to ebook formatted version of ASIC then sent it back to formatter, edited the first chapter of The Sign of Fur, submitted A Study In Cutlets kindle edition for review (should be available in 12-48 hours).
  3. Tuesday, emailed Createspace to fix the thumbnail for A Study In Cutlets print edition (and to merge the two versions), edited chapter 2 of The Sign of Fur, finally finished Facebook author page, heard back from Createspace and issues should be fixed in 3-5 business days.
  4. Wednesday, updated author Facebook page with publication dates and first official post, spent a few minutes on twitter replying, retweeting, and unfollowing (trying to get down to 400 followers I actually care about so I can stand to read my home feed), edited chapter 3 in The Sign of Fur, wrote 524 words in The Exile, emailed a Milwaukee bookstore about the possibility of setting up a reading.
  5. Thursday, updated Facebook page with a question to garner engagement (hopefully), spent some time on twitter, edited chapter 4 in The Sign of Fur (which was particularly long and needed a fair amount of work).
  6. Friday, corresponded with bookstore. No go on a reading there.
  7. Saturday, Nothing.
  8. Sunday, Nothing.
  9. Monday, posted to Facebook author page and spent a few minutes on Twitter promoting A Study In Cutlets, edited chapter 5 in The Sign of Fur.
  10. Tuesday, passed 78,000 words in The Exile, updated Facebook page, time spent on Twitter, replied to correspondence (including following up on an issue with Createspace), edited chapter 6 in The Sign of Fur,
  11. Wednesday, updated Facebook author page, spent a minute or two on Twitter, edited chapter 7 in The Sign of Fur,
  12. Thursday, Nothing.
  13. Friday, Nothing.
  14. Saturday, reached out to a writing instructor for advice and guidance.
  15. Sunday, edited chapter 8 in The Sign of Fur.
  16. Monday, edited chapters 9-11 in The Sign of Fur, sent it to beta readers, set aside The Exile for immediate future, started work revising Memoirs of a Deathwalker, had an illuminating conversation with Rebecca Morean.
  17. Tuesday, read over and made minor edits to chapters 3-6 in Memoirs of a Deathwalker, bought a book bag so I can always carry copies of my books with me, and started creating a detailed marketing plan for the next year.
  18. Wednesday, finished detailed marketing plan, printed it, started compiling a list of local elementary schools, and created a sign I can put up when working in public places.
  19. Thursday, Nothing.
  20. Friday, finally paid state taxes for Yellow Springs Street Fair – huge weight off my mind.
  21. Saturday, serendipitous sold 5 books to one of the yoga studios I work for, and was offered a place to have a book reading!
  22. Sunday, Nothing.
  23. Monday, sent a different format of The Sign of Fur to a beta reader, added a subscription button to blog (finally), published a “donations” page – though it could still use a little work, posted to Facebook and Twitter, tested out the “self-publishing author” sign…didn’t work today, more tests are needed, read over chapter 7-8 in Memoirs of a Deathwalker.
  24. Tuesday, updated Facebook and Twitter, read some good writing articles, compiled a list of possible blog articles, fixed a date for my YogaOne book reading: April 12th! Signed up for a free promotion being run by an author friend (“Let’s Make a Movie” blog post series on Write Like A Wizard).
  25. Wednesday, sent Meg my author photo, book cover photo, and author blurb for book reading flyer, read over chapters 9-11 in Memoirs of a Deathwalker.
  26. Thursday, applied for membership in the Indie Author Network, added A Study In Cutlets to Goodreads, sent out a review request for same on Goodreads, updated Twitter and Facebook, updated price on ASIC to $.99 on Kindle – figuring distribution is far more important than making money on this first book,
  27. Friday, It’s my birthday, so nothing!
  28. Saturday, Although Saturday is generally a day off, the my Indie Author Network Page went live, so I promoted it a bit.






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