Eliana the 2nd Grade Magician

flash fiction magician

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10 minute flash fiction

Prompt: We called her Eliana and figured she was a magician.

We called her Eliana and figured she was a magician…mostly because that’s what she told us.

On the first day of second grade, Mrs. Margery┬ácalled our attention to the front of the room. “Now, class, I have some exciting news. This is Eliana. Her family just moved to town from London, England. Please make her feel welcome. Eliana, do you have anything to add.”

“As a matter of fact I do.” The many bangles on her wrists chimed as Eliana crossed her arms over her chest. She rested all her weight on one foot, shooting her hips out the other way, and squinted at us from over her thick, black plastic glasses. “If any of you are thinking about teasing, reconsider. We moved to this town because I hexed one of my former classmates. Turned him into a toad and put ‘im in a jar. I have him back at my house if you want to see.”

“Eliana! It is not appropriate to threaten your classmates, or make up stories of magical powers.”

“They aren’t stories,” Eliana said. She pointed to Tommy, a boy just to my right who was leaning back in his chair, and widened her eyes. “Fall!”

Tommy fell and so did I.

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