Faction Profile: The Order of Trel

Power base: pervasive
Influence: tyrannical
Religious views: absolute
Heresy: somewhat discouraged.

Since the Asyrdream Empire fell to Aaron Lightbringer’s rebellion 200 years ago, The Order of Trel has slowly gained strength and influence. Now, despite the fact that there are many other religious orders active in the world, The Order of Trel is simply called “the Order.”

This is something the Order of Trel is quite proud of: they represent Treleon, who is the Lord of Light, lions, truth and justice, and their mission is to bring Order to Waerdal’s warring principalities. In this mission they have been astonishingly successful. Four of the nine major principalities are now governed by the Order, though the respective princes are still nominally in charge.

Few fully understand how the Order has managed their take over so successfully, though many are concerned by their unstoppable advance and their inflexible ideology.

Whatever you think of them, however, there can be little doubt that the Order will play a major role in shaping the future of Waerdal.