April 2015


  • More like “Summary” this month because there were so many days were I didn’t update this post that day, and then completely forgot what I did.
  • Mostly took it easy, went on vacations, and reached out to local schools.


  1. Wednesday, Nothing.
  2. Thursday, Published last month’s progress report and created this one, followed up with studio owner about my book reading next Sunday, submitted to a 140 character story contest for fun (here’s my entry: Iggy the cat wants to sleep. The bathroom door is open. There will be time enough for napping once all the toilet paper has been shredded.), updated Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Friday, Driving to Ohio for Passover
  4. Saturday, Day off/vacationing with family
  5. Sunday, Driving home/collapsing into a pile of sore muscles.
  6. Monday, Followed up with email correspondence including: continuing email about my reading on Sunday, and two people who each agreed to review A Study In Cutlets in exchange for a free copy and haven’t yet,  posted to twitter though for the moment I’m waiting for a Facebook event to be made before I post there. Reread the first chapter of The Sign of Fur to see if there was anywhere I could add jokes (this was suggested to me by a beta reader). No real luck, though I did enjoy what I’d read.
  7. Tuesday,
  8. Wednesday,
  9. Thursday,
  10. Friday, LARP – research for fantasy stories?
  11. Saturday, LARP / Day off
  12. Sunday, Nothing.
  13. Monday, Lots of Copypress but little of my own.
  14. Tuesday, Sent a copy of A Study In Cutlets to cover artist as a thank you and asked when we could start a cover for The Sign of Fur.
  15. Wednesday, Successfully got into contact with Bayside Middle School.
  16. Thursday, Dropped off a copy of A Study In Cutlets at said middle school.
  17. Friday, Nothing.
  18. Saturday, Day off.
  19. Sunday, Nothing.
  20. Monday,
  21. Tuesday,
  22. Wednesday,
  23. Thursday, Edited Chapter 2  of The Sign of Fur
  24. Friday, Florida Vacation (Triathlon)
  25. Saturday, Florida Vacation (Triathlon)
  26. Sunday, Florida Vacation (Triathlon)
  27. Monday, Florida Vacation (Triathlon)
  28. Tuesday, Replied to comments on my BookTango Review, replied to an elementary schools about participating in their special interest day.
  29. Wednesday, Nothing.
  30. Thursday, Updated Facebook and Twitter, read over Chapter 3 of The Sign of Fur, corresponded with Bayside Middle School,
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