“Writer’s Oath: I promise as a storyteller to always try and fulfill the contract I make with the reader. I will do my level best to keep the promises I make on the first, second, third and every page beyond from beginning to end. I promise to avoid stereotypes, misuses of language, and clichés where possible. I promise that I will do my best to surprise the reader when possible, fool them when necessary, and trick them only occasionally. I will lie to you only as often as the narrator, that unreliable bastard, deems necessary. I promise to give you all the clues, no matter how small. I do this willingly and in hopes of giving you, the reader, the best story I possibly can. I do this because, it needs to be done. I do this because; you should have something to hold me to. I do this because I too am a reader and this is what I demand of the writers who I spend my time on. Above all else I promise this, I am a storyteller and I will do everything in my power to tell you a story worth the hearing.” – Steve Mayne

What he said.

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